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Mailing Machine Technologies, LLC is dedicated to providing you with the expertise and service to keep your SureFeed Flowmaster running at optimum speed.
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If your Flowmaster Mailing Machine is not running up to par, or is in need of repair or maintenance give me a call.


Flowmaster Mailing Machine
Pete Solitro
I was one of the first technicians at SureFeed back in the late 1990s when they developed the FlowMaster high speed inserter. As a senior consultant and mechanic for SureFeed for over ten years, I've helped develop, upgrade, and maintain many FlowMasters and create optimal production speeds.

I am now an independent contractor, and still work closely with SureFeed and Pitney Bowes supporting and selling SureFeed products. I look forward to consulting with you to help you achieve and meet your needs,

Pete Solitro

Hi and welcome to my website....I am Pete Solitro, founder and operator of Mailing Machine Technologies, LLC.

I started out in manufacturing Lottery equipment and quickly moved up to supervisor of the manufacturing process. Soon thereafter I began my employment with Surefeed whereas I became one of the first factory trained technicians for the Flowmaster.

I was instrumental in the upgrading and development of future versions of the Flowmaster and gained over 10 years experience in repairing, maintaining, upgrading, and servicing the Flowmaster. Then in 2007 I founded Mailing Machine Technologies LLC as an independant.

I continue to provide quality customer service and parts for the Flowmaster and Surefeed related products... and I am proud to offer on-site service anywhere in the world and the only 24 hour support!

Please give me a call for any questions or to obtain a service quote...

Pete Solitro
  • MAINTENANCE: Pitney Bowes / Surefeed Flowmaster maintenance which includes but not limited to inspecting all belts, shafts & bearings, belt clutch replacement, chain tightening, lubing all chains and gears,  and verifying factory settings. This can help with higher production numbers and avoid costly repairs.

  • REBUILDS: Pitney Bowes / Surefeed Flowmaster rebuilds can include replacement of a worn out belt to a complete rebuild of the feeders, pusher assembly and or front table.

  • APPRAISALS: Pitney  Bowes / Surefeed Flowmaster appraisals to evaluate the condition of the inserter for purchase, which can include de-install, prepare for shipping, and re-install at new location.

  • TRAINING: Onsite mechanic and operator training for the Flowmaster FX to the Pitney Bowes RS versions.  Other product training includes FBI, Speedsort, Feedmax, and card attacher.

  • CONSULTING: Project consulting on various types of mailings which may be unusual, unique, or even standard.

  • PART SALES: Sales of Pitney Bowes / Surefeed Flowmater parts which includes but not limited feeder belts, gripper jaw chains, entry fingers, pusher blocks, nip rollers, and clutches to mention a few.  See our products for more.
Surefeed Flowmaster
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Judie and Marty Boyung
Eagle Data
12495 34 St. North Ste. A
St. Petersburg, Fl 33716

I have personally worked with Peter Solitro on some very tough jobs at our mail facility. I have accepted jobs from clients that were supposed to be machineable pieces, only to find out when they arrived to be inserted, by us, they were not! Thank goodness for Pete @ MMT. I would call him up for his expertise in making material run through our Flowmaster inserters. He comes out on a service call & looks over the situation we are in with the now non-machineable inserts, and shows us what our options are. 95% of the time, we take his suggestions and the piece that wasn't suppose to go through an inserter, does now. The other 5% of the time, there is just no hope, even with his knowledge of the Flowmaster. Pete is very professional and reasonably priced for the knowledge & mechanical ability he provides to our mail shop. He has never missed an appointment, or promised us parts or service he could not deliver. Feel free to call us @ Eagle Data anytime with any questions about this company's reputation.

Stephen D. Lundstrom,
President, Rees Associates, Inc.
P.O. Box 831
Des Moines, IA  50304-0831
PH:  515-243-2127

Rees Associates, Inc. has had the great pleasure to be associated with Pete for the past 10 years.  He has installed new and used equipment for us and he’s made repairs and refurbished equipment on-site.  He has also trained our technical staff and he serves as a resource for problem-solving and equipment issues that occur. We rely on Pete as if he was part of our Engineering Department because he is great at helping us analyze the market to locate and purchase equipment and parts. Pete really knows his stuff.  His years of extensive hands-on experience have made him a wealth of information in the mailing and printing industry. He is always one of the first people we contact when issues or opportunities arise because we truly appreciate his dependability and professionalism.

Randy Toney, Operations Mgr.
Direct Mail Solutions
Richmond VA

I have been the Operations Manager at Direct Mail Solutions for almost 10 years.  Let me tell you that I have never experienced better customer service than what we  receive from Pete Solitro.  Normally, I would have to contact two or three different people from other companies and hope/pray that they would return my call for help.  This is not the case with Pete.   His quick response and incredible knowledge of Flowmasters has helped our company meet our mail dates and ultimately keep our customers happy.   I know that when I order parts from Pete they will be correct and on time.  I  highly recommend Pete to take care of your service needs.   Thanks Pete, for all that you do!

Edward Gordon
MSP Inc.
Mgr. Equipment Technicians,
R&D and Procurement.
724-774-3244  X1279

We have been doing business with Pete Solitro at Mailing Machine Technologies LLC  for well over ten years, dating back to his employment @ Sure-Feed Engineering for equipment purchases, service and parts replacement. I would like to take the opportunity to vouch not only for Pete’s extensive knowledge of the equipment in our industry, but also for his “going above and beyond attitude” work ethics that have helped us out of numerous late-in-the-day pinches. Pete’s technical background along with the service and parts program he has to offer has also helped us to lower our equipment costs substantially. I would highly recommend using Mailing Machine Technologies LLC services where ever possible in your business.
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Pete Solitro

Pete Solitro
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